Custom Virtual Tradeshow Experiences

There are no out-of-the-box systems made for you and we know it. Custom build the environment AND the CMS.
Have full control.


About Us

JAM-EXPO was created by a team of experts who came together during the COVID-19 crisis to provide alternative tradeshow experiences for companies that could not present in the typical in-person way.

3D & 2D Design

Our commercial artists are creating some of the best looking tradeshow booths ever seen!

Custom Programming

Our developers are custom-coding even the most complicated situations you can think of for ultimate user experience

System Operations

Complete with 3rd party CRM and Marketing software integrations, it's easy to manage lead capture software

Types & Options

Booth Options and Types

Don't be afraid to introduce something new to us, almost every tradeshow booth we develop custom uses software that is new to us. So if you wish to work with software that you don't see here, just let us know and we'll do our research.

3-Dimensional Environment

A completely 'free to look around' experience where the user is immersed in the environment and free to move about the booth as if they were at a live show. This is usually a two-part process:


Booth Design

As if you were designing for a real show.


3D Rendering ∓ Coding

Rendered in a 3D environment and coded with your content.

3D Static Booth

Click to go left, click to go right. The design is 3D, the experience is more straight ot the point. Some benefits include:

Unlimited screens and 'walls'

Manage pins and hotspots yourself

Fast load times and a simpler process

2D Static Web Booth

This is nothing more than a custom designed website with a slider effect. But very effective when you are looking to show off a single new product or aspect of your business.

Advanced metrics

Tracking all visitors, clicks, and interactions. A lead-capturing machine!

Multiple URLs

Cloned and replicated for different events, we can quickly replicate the booth when used for other campaigns.


Dashboards and Booths

Connect with us to get a live demo of our CMS in action and talk directly with a developer. No sales pitch. No sales person. Only developers.


Want To Get Started

About JAM-Expo

Our parent company, JAM Graphics Digital Agency, specializing in revenue performance management and the full court press of all marketing strategies.


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